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TreeSAAP Software Download Page

TreeSAAP 3.2 (Selection on Amino Acid Properties)

Detailed analysis of selection on amino acid properties using user-defined phylogenetic trees. Sliding-window options. Manual forthcoming.

Windows executable: download ; Macintosh OSX (*.sit): download ; Linux (*.tgz) code; download

Source code (*.zip): download

File containing 539 physicochemical amino acid properties (updated Apr 2008): download

NOTE: This document can be edited to add to or subtract from the list of available amino acid properties by simply opening the file in a spreadsheet program and saving the result as a tab-delimited text file. To download, right click on the download link above and save the target to your computer. Use it to replace the text file ’31 Properties.txt’ found in TreeSAAP\Data\PROTEIN_PROPERTIES\ wherever TreeSAAP is installed on your computer.

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