Bio 465 Bioinformatics

BYU | Bioinformatics | CS Dept.


In order to help you to get to know each other and to allow you to take advantage of the variety of skills that members of the class have, we will be working on the labs as groups.

You should work on the labs with the following groups.

Lab #1 HyPhy Student1 Student2 Student3
Group #1 Leilani Williams Ben Haynes Chris Conley
Group #2 Alan Colver YoungHoon Gim Sunni Swain
Group #3 Chris Decker Andrew Holm Nate Jensen
Group #4 Dohyup Kim Gian Molina Sukhbat Tumur-Ochir
Lab #2 Assembly Student1 Student2 Student3
Group #1 Leilani Williams YoungHoon Gim Gian Molina
Group #2 Alan Colver Ben Haynes Andrew Holm
Group #3 Chris Decker Chris Conley Sunni Swain
Group #4 Dohyup Kim Sukhbat Tumur-Ochir Nate Jensen
Lab #3 HMM Gene Finding Student1 Student2 Student3
Group #1 Chris Decker Dohyup Kim Leilani Williams
Group #2 Nate Jensen Sukhbat Tumur-Ochir Alan Colver
Group #3 Chris Conley Andrew Holm YoungHoon Gim
Group #4 Sunni Swain Ben Haynes Gian Molina
Lab #4 Neural Networks Student1 Student2 Student3
Group #1 Benjamin Haynes Leilani Williams Sunni Swain
Group #2 Gian Molina Andrew Holm Dohyup Kim
Group #3 Chris Conley Alan Colver Nate Jensen
Group #4 Sukhbat Tumur-Ochir Chris Decker YoungHoon Gim

Work with your Lab #4 groups on the rest of the labs.